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Excursions and Cultural Immersion Activities

Panrimo organizes and includes the following excursions and immersion activities for this program, letting you have a stress-free and amazing experience on each one.

We limit our unique excursions and immersion activities to 10 students, getting you out of tourist traps and into local culture. Additionally, we know you love to plan, feel free to download the full itineraries of every activity. The dates and times have already been selected, so you can plan your own travel knowing that they won’t interfere!


Paris: the city of lights, love, and the “lost generation” of American expats. The name inspires dreams of walking in the rain through the arrondissements, a twinkle in your eye and a pop to your stride. Along the classic cobblestone streets, Panroamers can find hidden cafés and at every street corner, a wonderful French gem. From Notre-Dame to La Defense, the city creates an exciting place to learn and explore. During this one-night, two-day excursion, explore the city with your Panrimo coordinator, finding the best places to visit, and which tourist traps to avoid. Grab lunch in a corner bistro, snacking on charcuterie and cheese before heading down to the catacombs. Included in this one-night, two-day excursion are round-trip train transportation, hotel accommodation, entrance fees to museums and the catacombs, all meals, and your Panrimo coordinator as guide.

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The second largest city in France, Lyon is a center for French culture, architecture, and the marvelous science of gastronomy. During this full-day excursion, travel the entire city, taking in the major sites and walking through the massive Parc de la Tête d'Or, the largest free park in France. Your guide will take you through Vieux Lyon (old town), through the Museum of Fine Art, and onto the Basilica Notre-Dame de Fourvière. Grab lunch in Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse. Even more surprising, impressive stops await in the “City of Lights.” Included on this full-day excursion are round-trip train transportation, entrance fees to the museums and galleries in town, lunch, and your Panrimo coordinator as guide.

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Pont du Gard

Towering over the Gard River in southern France, Pont du Gard is a massive Roman aqueduct system built to provide running water for the Roman empires’ conquered cities. Constructed in the first century AD, this impressive structure is one of the most well preserved aqueduct systems in the world, owing to its use as a toll bridge during the Middle Ages. During this two-day excursion, travel to Pont du Gard, staying at a bed and breakfast in Remoulins, then explore the ruins. On the second day of your excursion, explore the area around Pont du Gard, canoeing beneath the aqueducts and even swimming in the river (although it's a bit chilly!). Included on this two-day excursion are round-trip transportation, bed and breakfast accommodation, dinner, a light breakfast, lunch, canoeing, and your Panrimo coordinator as guide.

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Wine and Cheese Tasting

While wine and cheese may seem the fodder of the wealthy, there are reasons these two pair well as hor d’oeuvres. With a healthy selection of cheese, and the complexity red and white wine, a delicious marriage of savory, sweet, buttery, and crisp occurs across your taste buds. On this cultural immersion, you’ll attend a wine and cheese tasting in Grenoble. Discover the main wine regions in France, what characteristics describe individual wines, and tips on how to fully appreciate the complex tastes. Artisan cheeses, selections of French wines, and accompanying charcuterie are all included, as well as your Panrimo coordinator as guide, and an air of elegance after departing, satisfied and educated.

Mountain Hiking & Donkey Riding

Southwest of Grenoble, plateaus stretch across the Vercors Mountain Range, the flat mountaintops cut with valleys and rivers. Explore the hills and forests, climbing through the canopies and discovering hidden meadows. Trekking the area can get tiring, but you’ll have assistance from a sturdy companion: the donkey. The French celebrate donkeys as a symbol of humility and grace. Trek along the mountain trails, finding hidden caves filled with dazzling limestone formations Included in this excursion are round-trip bus transportation, donkey rental, lunch in the mountains, and your Panrimo coordinator as guide.